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At touch-screens, guests choose their favorite pics taken by us at your live event to go on ONE awesome photo. Personalize with a caption and then print in a snap. Plus, receive an email with a PDF copy in seconds. How cool is that?

The Ultimate Wedding and Live Event Photo Interactive

Can you remember the last time you were at an event and someone had that amazing group shot with your friends you never got? How about when the bride and groom had that sultry kiss, or when Uncle Joe butchered the Macarena? Don't forget that delicious shot of your nephew mischievously smiling with cake all over his face?

Now imagine your guest walking up to a touch screen with our amazing hosts, Give them the power to create and interact with photos taken live at your event. Once they build their custom photo, we print right on site, plus send a PDF copy to their email. Every memory is unique. Every photo is custom. Guests will love it and so will you!

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